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Telecom Italia: a new rationalized organizational structure

12/28/2007 - 12:00 PM

Telecom Italia announces that it has rationalized its organizational structure through the simplification of the direct reports of the Chief  Executive Officer . The details are as follows:

* as of 14 January 2008, a new Division of Business Strategies & International Development, reporting directly to the Chief  Executive Officer, will be formed. Oscar Cicchetti, who will become part of the Telecom Italia Group, will head the new Division, whose responsibilities will be the Group’s strategic planning by ensuring the consistency and integration of the executive plans of the single business areas; to ensure operational coordination of international development activities; to guarantee coherence in the operations of national licensed operators and international wholesale services; to coordinate international broadband initiatives; to supervise the safeguard of the legal interests of the Group at an international level. The following Departments will report to the new Division: Strategy, Business Development, National Wholesale Services, International Wholesale & Broadband Services, International Affairs, International Legal Affairs. The said departments will maintain their current organizational structures and retain their current functions and responsibilities;

* as of 1 January 2008, a new Mergers & Acquisitions Department, headed by Paolo Ferrari, will be set up within the Group’s Finance, Administration & Control Department. The new Department will be responsible for managing acquisitions as well as disposals made by the Group. The current functions and the personnel of the Mergers & Acquisitions and International Projects Development Department will be channeled into the new structure. At the same time, the Mergers & Acquisitions and International Projects Development will be renamed International Projects, remaining under the control of Francesco Saverio Bruno for the coordination of development projects at an international-level;

* following the successful completion of the reorganization and management changes in the Group’s Human Resources Department, as of 1 January 2008, the Group’s Security Department, headed by Damiano Toselli, will come under the direct control of the Chief  Executive Officer .

At the same time, the Group’s Human Resources, Organization and Security Department will be renamed the Human Resources, Organization and Industrial Relations Department, and remain under the direction of Gustavo Bracco;

As of 1 January 2008, a new Innovation & Business Development Department will be formed and placed under the direction of Luca Tomassini who will enter  the Telecom Italia Group. The new Department will report directly to the head of the Domestic Mobile Services Division. The new Department will be in charge of the integrated monitoring of evolutions in the mobile telephony business as well as developments in related  technologies. It will coordinate its activities with the relevant structures in the Technology Division and other departments in the Group dealing with ICT.


Milan, 27 December 2007