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Telecom Italia announces a radical reorganization of its technology and network infrastructure

Move designed to enhance efficiency, reduce costs and make the access network even more transparent.
Announcing “Open Access”, a new Technology & Operations division that will independently and transparently manage the entire Telecom Italia access network.
“Open Access” to be completely autonomous and separate from the Group’s commercial operations.
New Chief Information Officer role created

02/13/2008 - 12:00 PM

Telecom Italia is launching a radical overhaul of its technology and network infrastructure management structure. The move will enhance efficiency, promote innovation, reduce costs and make the access network more transparent. The new division in charge of managing these processes, Technology & Operations, is to be headed by Stefano Pileri.

Technology & Operations will be divided into four departments:

- Open Access will develop and maintain access network infrastructure, and manage the processes of delivery (activation) and assurance (technical care) of the services provided;

- Network will oversee technological innovation for the Group, including technical and architecture planning for the telecommunications network, in addition to the planning, implementation and maintenance of the backbone and regional platforms;

- Information Technology oversees innovation, development and operations of infrastructure, business and TLC operations IT systems;

- Technical Infrastructures is in charge of supervising all Group technical infrastructure (real estate and plant), and supplies all necessary facility management technical services.

 From an organizational and business point of view, the new departments have been set up specifically to focus on strategically important areas of intervention that will enhance quality of service standards, improve network performance and efficiency, and completely overhaul customer care processes and technical assistance to customers and other operators.

Open access

The creation of a new division to manage the Group’s access network even more independently and transparently is an important new development. “Open Access” plays a key role in the company’s restructuring process, as the unit tasked with ensuring that other operators and internal clients benefit from an increasingly efficient service that matches market expectations, in compliance with Italian Communications Authority recommendations, and as part of a process laid out by the Authority.

“Open Access” will operate completely autonomously and separately from Group commercial operations.

Introducing the Chief Information Officer

In addition to defining the perimeter of Open Access, the company is placing a new Chief Information Officer (CIO) in charge of the Information Technology division, which is part of the Technology & Operations unit. As Information Technology becomes increasingly important to the telecommunications business, it is vital for the Group to maintain a presence in this area, and to develop high value-added services that leverage the latest advances in IT systems.

Milan, 13 February 2008