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Telecom Italia: Castelli resignation

03/10/2008 - 02:30 PM

Telecom Italia wishes to announce that Massimo Castelli, who resigned as Director General, will leave the position of head of Domestic Fixed Services and that the position will be filled, on an interim basis, by Oscar Cicchetti, who will also maintain his other responsibilities. Pietro Labriola will assist Mr. Cicchetti in the management of the division.
The Company wishes to thank Mr. Castelli (who will leave the group on 31 May) for his professional and managerial contributions to the Group.

Further, within the Group Human Resources, Organization and Industrial Relations area, headed by Gustavo Bracco, a new function, to be known as Planning of Human Resources, Organization and Processes, will be created. It will be headed by Antonio Migliardi, who is joining the Telecom Italia Group, and will:

  • Guarantee the overall development of the Group’s organizational system, through the direct supervision of the activities of definition of the organization, and analysis and re-engineering of processes;

  • Guarantee unified oversight of Group activities in planning and checking of human resources and cost of labour;

  • Guarantee the supervision of staff IT systems, through the direct management of the relative activities of demand management and help desk services for self service applications.

With regard to the renewal of the board of Telecom Italia Media and from among the candidates who will be proposed as board members, Telecom Italia will designated Professor Berardino Libonati as the new Chairman of Telecom Italia Media and Giovanni Stella as Deputy Chairman, and Antonio Campo Dall’Orto as Chief Executive Officer.


Milan, 10 March 2008