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Telecom Italia: commitments proposal approved by board and submitted to the telecommunications authority, aimed at improving the quality of services offered to end users and other operators

06/19/2008 - 09:30 PM

The Board of Directors of Telecom Italia, chaired by Gabriele Galateri di Genola, today approved a proposal of commitments to be presented to the Telecommunications Authority which have as their goal the development of the access market through concrete measures for a more effective equality of internal-external treatment and complete transparency towards the wholesale market regarding the quality and evolution of Telecom Italia’s access network.

This initiative follows the adoption by Telecom Italia of a new organizational model which gathers together, in the Open Access division, all the activities of access network development and management with the aim of increasing efficiency, improving quality, developing innovation, and guaranteeing transparency

In particular, these commitments entail: the institution of a new process of activation for wholesale customer services and management to guarantee complete and verifiable equality of treatment; training ofOpen Access personnel in new processes and the introduction of an incentives’ system with goals linked to the quality of the network, services and end user satisfaction; constant monitoring of the production processes of the supply of services; transparency of information regarding the quality and the development of the access network; the creation of a new Body with the task of verifying the observance of the commitments.

Telecom Italia has also proposed specific commitments aimed at eliminating the consequences of certain behaviours which had been signalled by the Authority in a number of sanctions proceedings.

The proposal of commitments approved by the Board was submitted to the Telecommunications Authority this evening.

Telecom Italia believes that this important step is the beginning of a new regulatory season for the access network which will be more open to free market initiatives, to investment and innovation in services and offers, and will launch a virtuous process aimed at reducing the scope of present regulatory obligations.

Rome, 19 June 2008

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