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The Umbria Region and Telecom Italia to extend broadband coverage to region’s municipalities

The agreement also entails the development of ICT services for individuals, local institutions and companies

07/09/2008 - 06:00 PM

The Umbria Region and Telecom Italia today signed a letter of intent to extend broadband network coverage through the Umbria region, to reach over 92% of fixed telephone lines by the end of 2008.

The goal of the agreement is to provide an ever higher number of individuals, companies and local institutions with access to new digital technologies. The agreement also entails the joint evaluation, based on coordinated plans, of activities aimed at progressively extending broadband coverage to 98% of telephone lines. This will be achieved by using Telecom Italia’s infrastructure and those of regional and local governments.

The three-year agreement also entails the cooperation for the development and implementation of new  ICT public services based on the broadband network, in particular in the health and social welfare sector, tourism, personal and regional safety, e-government, business and consumers.

In conclusion, a working group will be created to develop respective strategic guidelines and intervention models, and to plan activities so that optimal solutions are adopted using the available resources.

The President of the Umbria Region, Maria Rita Lorenzetti, said: “With the signing of this new agreement, Umbria could become the first fully cabled region in Italy. This therefore gives individuals, companies and all the public administration the possibility of accessing all the innovative services which the network can offer. And our partner in achieving this goal could not have been other than Telecom Italia, having already shared other initiatives in the area, beginning with the  highly innovative public healthcare and pharmaceuticals services in Foligno.”

Gabriele Galateri di Genola, Chairman of Telecom Italia, said: “Today's agreement with the Umbria Region confirms Telecom Italia’s commitment to extend access to broadband and innovative services, and to bring them to all individuals and the entire economic system. We continue to work hard to deliver technological innovation to the entire country: to regions, large and small municipalities, and companies.”

Perugia, 9 July 2008