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Telecom Italia: 16,000 iPhones sold in early trading at TIM stores

First TIM iPhone sold in Mestre

Enhanced iPhone price plans unveiled

07/11/2008 - 08:30 PM

Telecom Italia reports impressive figures from the first day of iPhone sales, as the company retailed more than 16,000 iPhones during early trading at its stores. Around 70% of initial sales were of the 16GB phone.

A TIM customer in Mestre was the first in Italy to acquire the futuristic iPhone. TIM stores in Rome and Milan set the record for the most iPhone sold in a day.
TIM customers were able to get their hands on the iPhone in record time from 29 sales outlets which opened at midnight in Italy’s main cities and in popular tourist areas, including Rimini, Sanremo, Sorrento, Viareggio and Ostia. From today, the iPhone went on sale at more than 2,600 TIM sales outlets.

Demand among TIM customers has been very high, bearing out initial interest in the device: over 10,000 TIM iPhones were reserved in the first two days that the company took pre-orders. In order to better cater to customer needs, TIM is rolling out a number of new, enhanced iPhone price plans that make websurfing even better value than before. From today, TIM is offering an extra GB of websurfing on all of its price plans, taking the included websurfing allowance from 1GB to 2GB for just €10 extra per month. The new “iPhone Web Oversize” package, available from July 21, offers up to 5GB of websurfing for €70 per month; subscribers can purchase an 8GB 3G iPhone for €99 or a 16GB 3G iPhone for €169. iPhone customers who sign up to this new package can make calls to all landlines and mobiles in Italy for €0.15 per minute; text messages also cost €0.15 each. Web Oversize customers also get unlimited WiFi access from all Telecom Italia hotspots.From July 21, existing TIM customers can take advantage of the iPhone Starter Exclusive package, offering identical terms and conditions as the iPhone Starter package for just €20 per month (rather than €30 for non-TIM subscribers).

Rome, July 11, 2008