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TIM and Lottomatica: now it's possible to pay phone bills from tobacconists

08/01/2008 - 12:00 PM

Paying TIM bills just became quicker and easier now that they can be paid around practically every corner in Italy. Thanks to an agreement with Lottomatica Italia Servizi, all TIM Consumer and Business contract customers can pay their bills at any of over 30,000 LIS outlets, which are open every day from early in the morning to late at night. A full list of outlets is available at http://www.lottomaticaservizi.it/

All Lottomatica-equipped stores take payment in cash or by debit card. Paying is quick and easy: simply take along the bill payment slip and the shopkeeper will input the telephone number and balance to be settled. Customers are issued with a receipt once payment has been confirmed. Lottomatica Italia Servizi charges one euro for this service (the same as it costs to pay at a post office).

Lottomatica Italia Servizi:
This Lottomatica Group company was founded in 1997 to develop a new range of services for commerce, encashment and payment, processing on behalf of third parties and government and, via subsidiary company CartaLIS IMEL S.p.A., e-money services. Lottomatica Italia Servizi leverages the efficiency and security of its proprietary online data systems and an extensive proprietary distribution network. The Lottomatica Servizi network embraces a vast variety of retail outlets, from Lotto stores to tobacconists, bars, restaurants, stationers, and supermarkets – indeed, it is Italy’s largest encashment and payment network, offering a portfolio of over 60 services to citizens and consumers. Lottomatica Italia Servizi-networked outlets also sell TIM Mobile telephony products, including top-ups (as well as standard amounts, Bespoke Top-Ups in any denomination from five to 200 euros), and services cards.

Rome, August 1, 2008