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Over 3 million product orders taken at the Copenhagen Convention, of which over 65% for UMTS/HSDPA devices

New range of increasingly innovative products and offers presented

“ALICE CASA” comes to market, the first phone, internet and TV package with no monthly line rental

10/27/2008 - 12:45 PM

Rome, October 27, 2008

Telecom Italia presented its latest offers, due to be rolled out onto the market over the next few months, in Copenhagen. The company took orders for more than 3 million devices, of which more than 65% are UMTS/HSDPA units, and about  500,000 are Alice Mobile PC and data kits (six times more than at the October 2007 convention).

This result confirms the positive growth and development trend for interactive services and mobile broadband. At June 30, 2008, 1.6 million TIM customers were using mobile broadband; the year-end target is 2.6 million.

Commercial offerings over the coming months are being spearheaded by Alice Mobile, a whole line of net product/service bundles that are being rolled out through a range of increasingly innovative products that enable mobile websurfing on PCs, notebooks, USB internet dongles and smartphones.  
The Alice Mobile range has now  been enhanced with two new "pay-as-you-go"-type price plans: “Alice mobile data kit 10 Flexi” and “Alice mobile pc 20 Flexi”.

The Flexi concept combined with the Alice mobile data kit makes for a 24-month installment plan, which for just €10 per month offers 20 hours of websurfing and an internet dongle of the user's choice. If more than 20 hours of websurfing are required in a single month, a further 30 hours of websurfing are available for an additional €10 per month; and beyond that, for an extra €10, an additional 50 hours can be added.Alice mobile pc Flexi starts at €20 per month, and comes with a notebook plus 30 hours' websurfing per month. This dynamic package offers an increasingly elastic response to differing customer needs, making it possible for customers to modify fixed costs to match their actual requirements.

Telecom Italia presents convergent solutions to increase landline and mobile broadband penetration in all markets segments.

Telecom Italia is rolling out “Alice Casa”, a new totally IP residential landline package that does away with line rental fees, while offering unlimited calls to landlines in Italy, unlimited websurfing time, and access to Alice Home TV – Telecom Italia’s cable TV service – over broadband, for just one all-in monthly subscription fee. “Alice Casa” starts at €42 per month: “Alice Casa Maxi” comes with Alice ADSL 7 Mega web access.

“Alice Casa” includes home delivery and installation by Telecom Italia technicians of the Alice Home TV decoder and WiFi modem, which can be hooked up to traditional phones. Customers who activate “Alice Casa” by December 31, 2008 can take advantage of an exclusive promotion: access to SKY su Misura, including News and one of two options among Entertainment, Documentaries, Music and Kids, via Alice Home TV until January 2010, at €7 per month rather than the normal price of €15.
From today, Alice mobile is reaching out to Telecom customers. It is now possible to sign up to Alice mobile data KIT 10 Flexi and have the service billed to a Telecom Italia account, making payment easier and making it simpler to get on to the Alice internet away from home.

Telecom Italia’s landline-mobile convergence strategy continues. “TIMxTutto” is a flexible all-in-one solution that caters to all communication requirements at home and on the move. TIMperTutto customers choose between TIMinCasa, offering calls to all landlines from home on a mobile phone for ZERO cents per minute, unlimited websurfing with TIM ADSL at 7MB and no monthly line rental, orRicarica Famiglia, which allows customers to make calls and send messages to family mobile phones free of charge, as well as surf the web outside the home with an Alice Mobile USB dongle, in a package that is charged to the Telecom Italia bill.

The Ricarica Famiglia is the first family-oriented offer of its kind for consumers in Italy. All it takes is one member of the family to pay €5 per month to talk and send messages free of charge to all family member numbers.

Mobile phones are increasingly connected directly to the web. Now, in addition to Google, MSN, Virgilio, Yahoo, YouTube and MySpace, TIM customers can stay in touch and make new friends on another two well-known social networks that are hugely popular in Europe, especially among teenagers: Facebook andBebo. The new Shozu application makes it possible to upload high resolution photos and video with just one click to these communities, taking full advantage of the potential of cameras on the latest mobile phones.

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