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Telecom Italia launches NEXT OPEN INNOVATION portal

The brand-new portal, soon available also in an international version, for the first time offers everybody the opportunity to test in advance Telecom Italia products and services, and to submit new mobile, broadband, web, IPTV and IT ideas and solutions. Technology enthusiasts will soon be able to access virtual and real research facilities with all the tools they need to create new services, and back up from expert staff.

11/27/2008 - 11:42 AM

“Next Open Innovation” (, the Telecom Italia portal that for the first time offers a chance to find out about and test Group services and products in advance, is now available online. Visitors to the portal can also submit their own innovative ideas and solutions for mobile telephony, broadband, web, IPTV and IT.

Next Open Innovation is an innovative dialogue-based tool, a shared network of technological innovation that involves end-users in fine-tuning products and services for consumers and business prior to market rollout. The portal leverages social networking and Web 2.0 tools to create an open environment for discussion, experimentation and creativity, and serves as a conduit for new ideas, knowledge and experiences.

Divided into multiple sub-sections, content on Next Open Innovation is enriched on a daily basis by users through forums, theme-based blogs and a wiki encyclopedia in which Telecom Italia experts take part. The “Conosci” (“Find Out”) section features videos and news items on research from Telecom Italia Lab, where researchers discuss the main areas they are working on, along with research from the Telecom Italia Future Centre and other international research facilities; “Prova” (“Try Out”) is the place to go for information and forums dedicated to products and services currently undergoing trials; “Collabora” (“Work With Us”) is where users share their views with the community, and express their opinions through questionnaires and surveys; “Proponi” (“Suggestions”) is full of user-generated solutions, innovative ideas and content.

Technology enthusiasts will soon also be able to access fully-featured virtual research labs on the portal where, supported by expert staff, they will find all the tools they need (manuals, equipment, test benches, etc.) to independently create and test new services. Where necessary, users will have an option of accessing Telecom Italia Lab’s advanced facilities to further develop and test user-developed solutions. Once the development process is complete, user-developed solutions may be added to the portal showroom and marketed, with proceeds going to the inventor him/herself.

Milan, 27 November 2008