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Province of Turin: new fibre-optic network now operative

Following a deal with CSI-Piemonte, Telecom Italia will manage the 430 km+ infrastructure in the Territorial Pact areas of Canavese, Pinerolese, Sangone and Stura

02/27/2009 - 05:26 PM

The fibre-optic network planned by the Turin Provincial Administration for the Territorial Pact areas of Canavese, Pinerolese, Sangone and Stura is now up and running. After undergoing testing in December, the new high-speed infrastructure officially goes into service today, when CSI-Piemonte and Telecom Italia sign a concessionary contract based on the 2008 call for tenders that the company won to build the network.

Promoted by the Turin Province administration, the 7 million euro contract was funded by Italy’s Ministry of Economic Development, and is part of the Piedmont Regional Administration’s broader WI-PIE Programme. Under the terms of the contract, Telecom Italia is responsible for maintaining and managing the infrastructure. Telecom Italia is allowed to use a portion of network capacity to provide services to end customers, and is also responsible for marketing the network to alternative operators, in accordance with technical and pricing conditions that, as contractually-established, will be the same for all.

From tomorrow, these Territorial Pact areas will benefit from high bandwidth connections over a 430 km+ network infrastructure covering 124 strategic points of interest in 220 different municipalities.

CSI-Piemonte is the Implementing Authority for a project designed to facilitate the start-up of new enterprises and offer local companies the tools needed to update their organizational and managerial structure, increase productivity and enhance competitivity on the market.

The concession contract was officially signed today in Pinerolo by CSI-Piemonte President Francesco Brizio and Telecom Italia’s North West Area Top Clients Market & Networked IT Services Manager, Luca Conterio. The contract was signed in the presence of Turin Provincial Administration President Antonio Saitta.

“This is an important landmark which underscores our organization’s commitment to implementing projects oriented towards the development and utilization of new technologies, in this case under the auspices of a Territorial Pact plan to upgrade infrastructure,” commented Antonio Saitta. “This new fibre-optic network will foster economic development and enhance the competitiveness of local enterprise. It will also combat the digital divide and cater to demand for connectivity, which, according to analysts around the world, is forecast to grow considerably over the next few years. This project is an example of how government can make a real contribution, by offering businesses the opportunity to leverage new technologies and have access to the tools they need to compete on domestic and international markets.”
He added: “Fibre-optics is not just for industrial sites either. The Turin Province Administration is now working on a project that will take ultra-high-speed internet access into middle schools and high schools. Schools are our primary location for education and training and have key responsibilities in the preparation of young people for an active role in the economy and wealth generation. By building a broadband network that connects high schools, it will be possible to get the most out of the multimedia tools used in teaching and research. Sixteen schools around the province are being connected during the trial phase of the project. In addition to its role as an adjunct to teaching, high-speed broadband will foster access to technological applications, offer student welfare services, and help to disseminate knowledge, while at the same time enhancing school/family relations.”

Francesco Brizio says, “The contract we have signed today is a concrete example of how local government can play an active role in encouraging companies to use ICT technologies and enhance their competitivity on domestic and international markets. It is no longer possible to conceive of economic growth without addressing the crucial issue of access to high-speed networks and the new generation of services that they carry. The success of a venture like this lies in the ability to launch initiatives that boost the local area and provide all players with equal opportunities for growth and development.”

Luca Conterio commented, “The contract we have signed today with CSI-Piemonte highlights Telecom Italia’s commitment to developing and extending broadband infrastructure to enhance the local economy and indeed the entire country’s productivity and competitiveness.”


Turin, February 27, 2009