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Telecom Italia: announcing Impresa Semplice, the “tailor-made” solution for SMEs

Customized turnkey packages offering enterprises, offices, retail outlets and freelancers broadband connectivity, mobile solutions, telephony and data communications systems, integrated messaging and teamworking tools, LANs, workstations, security services, and company management applications. Also available in “no subscription fee” versions

04/21/2009 - 05:55 PM

Telecom Italia is rolling out its Impresa Semplice portfolio of integrated solutions to Italy’s 3 million plus SMEs (enterprises, freelance professionals and public sales outlets), which every year spend around €8 billion on ICT products and services.

Impresa Semplice is Telecom Italia’s way of breaking down the price, technology and cultural barriers that are hindering SME access to ICT services. In these packages, high-speed full-IP solutions, hardware resources and software applications offer SMEs on demand access to software applications direct from Telecom Italia’s Data Centers. In effect, SMEs now have access to leading-edge ICT services at limited cost, and without incurring any initial investment.

Impresa Semplice solutions include landline and mobile telephony, telephony and data communications systems, messaging, teamworking tools, telecommunications products, IT workstations, hosting, hardware and software resource virtualization, security services and applications, all of which are provided on an on demand basis. Packages come with the tools Italian firms need to comply with legislation on centralized data management, including certified mail, digital signatures and electronic storage.

All of these integrated and modular solutions are managed completely by Telecom Italia, and come with end-to-end quality of service guarantees, and contractually-agreed Service Level Agreement fixed times for installation, technical help and repairs. Telecom Italia is facilitating its customers by offering financial assistance, such as leasing options and instalment plan purchases (at 0% interest), in order to assist companies in optimizing their expenditure and cash flow.

Linea Tuttocompreso is a brand new Impresa Semplice solution for public sales outlets and freelance professionals that waives the standard phone line monthly fee and offers unlimited domestic phone calls and flat-rated 7 or 20 megabit internet access. Linea Tuttocompreso starts at €49.99 per month (plus VAT), but is currently on special offer: the first four months now cost €39.99 per month, and there’s no activation charge.

The Soluzione Ufficio and Soluzione Azienda packages are particularly attractive, as they offer the highest levels of service and technology and full control over spending. Workstations are available from €16.99 per month (plus VAT), inclusive of domestic phone calls and unlimited internet, security functions, VoIP telephone and switchboard functions, and LAN configuration and management.

TIM’s Soluzione Mobile is a veritable mobile office, offering inclusive calls, e-mail, internet access, a smart phone, PC and USB key drive, all from €50 per month (plus VAT).

Impresa Semplice is an exciting opportunity for every Italian SME to forge its own path to automation by leveraging leading-edge ICT solutions, at the most advantageous terms and conditions, following a modular “off-the-shelf” approach that offers significant latitude for customization, and full backup from a reliable and competent partner.

Telecom Italia’s Impresa Semplice is designed to offer an online outlet to the creativity, flexibility, and capacity for adaptation and innovation that have always characterized this key sector of the Italian economy.


Rome, April 21, 2009