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Telecom Italia abount announcement by TILS and Mr Serao

04/23/2009 - 06:45 PM

In relation to the announcement today by TILS and Mr Serao, National Secretary of UILCOM, about the Reiss Romoli School, Telecom Italia wants to strongly express its indignation for the contents of the statements which have just been made to the Media.

TILS is an outsourcer of Telecom Italia, Telecom Italia has always honored the obligations set in the contract and will continue to do so, as already confirmed by the CEO of the Group Franco Bernabè to concerned TILS employees when he received a delegation during their demonstration at the Telecom Italia Offices.

Every aspect of the above mentioned situation, especially the attempt to link it to the tragic situation in Abruzzo with the recent earthquake, is the full responsibility of TILS and its union representatives, who today made non admissible statements.

There is no correlation between TILS decision to make 170 workers redundant and the progress of volumes of activity that have always been regulated by the contract with Telecom Italia and which, as said before, is fully fulfilled.