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Telecom Italia joins the European code of conduct for the reduction of energy consumption of broadband equipment

Minimize the environmental impact and contain customer’s energy costs: these are the benefits of the progressive adoption of new and more efficient devices

06/22/2009 - 05:30 PM

Telecom Italia confirms its commitment to the preservation of the environment and the reduction of energy consumption. The company is one of the first telecommunications operators to have joined the European Code of Conduct in Broadband, the protocol that defines the limits of energy absorption of broadband equipment, handsets and network devices, for the three year period 2009 – 2011.

The Code of Conduct dictates the limits of energy requirements of the numerous devices present in the home, offices and public spaces, such as ADSL modems, routers, VoIP telephones and Wi-Fi access points, as well as all the infrastructural devices of the Broadband network. Adhesion to this protocol will ensure, over the next three years, less waste of energy resources and an important reduction of the impact on the environment linked to telecommunications technology. Furthermore, in the home, the adoption of devices which conform to the directions of the Code will allow for a considerable reduction in energy costs for the consumer, with a saving of up to 40%.  

Stefano Pileri, Head of Technology & Operations at Telecom Italia, said: “joining the European Code of Conduct in Broadband represents a concrete commitment by Telecom Italia to the benefit of our customers and to the environment. Telecom Italia, as well as driving technological innovation in our country, is also amongst the Italian companies more attentive to environmental and social themes and carries out numerous activities of sustainability which have already received national and international recognition”.


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