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Agreement with the Unions

Job security agreements for 1,054 workers from Directory Assistance

07/21/2009 - 12:52 PM

Telecom Italia announces that, following a final meeting between Union organizations and TI Union Representative at the Ministry of Work, the process of mobility ex lege 223/1991 started by the Company on 26 May 2009 for 470 workers in excess in respect to the technical-organizational requirements within the Directory Assistance area (12.54, Data Directory Assurance, International Services Work Centre - CLSI, Switchboards, Local Support), was closed.
In order to avoid the personnel reduction, the Parties have agreed to the adoption of “defensive” job-security agreements.  The meeting concluded with the signing of a union agreement foreseeing that, starting from 1 September 2009 and ending on 31 August 2011, job-security agreements will be given to 1,054 workers from Directory Assistance, with a maximum reduction in individual weekly working hours of 47% for full-time employees, a reduction of 33% for those part-time at 75%, and 23% for those part-time at 65%. 
Workers with part-time at 50%, those operating at the General Headquarters and involved in management, co-ordination, and control of processes, workers in charge of the co-ordination of senior front end and back office activities, as well as those in charge of territorial management, the heads of the local Directory Assistance departments, CLSI and the switchboards, are excluded from job-security agreements.  

Within the agreement as a whole, Telecom Italia is committed to implement all the necessary measures to reduce the inconvenience caused by the programme of closure of Customer Care offices, and will verify its execution by the first half of 2010.

The Company has also agreed to open a table with the Union Organizations for monitoring efficiency in Staffing and to organize a meeting in September 2009 in order to take a closer look at issues relating to training.  

The agreement signed today is part of a wider area of programmes of efficiency and reorganization announced with the Strategic Plan 2009-2011.



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