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Telecom Italia launches the environmental sustainability meter

A simple tool to measure CO2 emissions coming from daily behaviour is available on Avoicomunicare

07/17/2009 - 02:30 PM

Online on Avoicomunicare (http://www.avoicomunicare.it/) – Telecom Italia’s blog which encourages discussions on big social themes, currently focussing on the environment and sustainable development -  is the  “Carbon Meter”, a simple tool through which, responding to a few questions regarding lifestyle, it is possible to calculate CO2  emissions coming from activities that fall into four areas: the home, work, purchases and administrative paperwork.

Thanks to the “Carbon Meter”, which has been developed together with Price Waterhouse Coopers, it is also possible to learn how to improve the sustainability of daily behaviour: the simulation of a virtuous path, shows how it is possible to save in terms of emissions thanks to a few simple solutions and to the use of ICT devices such as videoconferencing or broadband connection to buy or carry out other operations online.
Carbon dioxide emissions are among the main causes of current climate change, and their reduction is without a doubt one of the biggest challenges of the future, in which Telecom Italia and the entire ICT sector can play a decisive part. The awareness of the negative impact on emissions from daily behaviour represents an important stimulus for change and for using solutions that respect the environment all the more, at the same time improving the quality of life.   

This initiative confirms the attention to environmental and social areas by Telecom Italia that is already committed to a number of sustainability activities which have received national and international recognition.


Download the pdf version of the press release (file .pdf, 64 Kb)