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Telecom Italia: “A single counter” for faster settlement with clients

90% of cases resolved within 45 days

11/10/2009 - 05:45 PM

Telecom Italia has reorganised the management of settlement cases with customers to reduce the administration time, simplify the procedure to comply with the voluntary undertakings – adopted by the company and approved by the Italian Communications Authority in December 2008 – which has as its objective the de-escalation of disputes at the Co.Re.Com offices and the Chamber of Commerce.

The system adopted by Telecom Italia foresees the establishment of “a single counter” which will ensure the customer is treated in the same manner, regardless of the type of settlement procedure activated (jointly with the Consumer Associations, Co.Re.Com, Chamber of Commerce) for a rapid and efficient solution to the cases, in a certain time to resolve the dispute (45 days maximum), using the organizational modal already implemented with success for the Joint Settlement with the Consumer Associations. 

To this end Telecom Italia has reinforced it’s structure in charge of easing the management of settlement paperwork adding 100 staff to the 200 already operational which will guarantee presence in all national territories and which, in the last six months, has already lead to the elimination of cases pending since 2008. Telecom Italia has also begun a series of training initiatives for the “mediators” one of which took place recently with participation from members of Agcom and Co.Re.Com, to tackle areas of greater importance
Data highlighting the positive effects of this change has already emerged from the first half report, presented by Telecom Italia to the Communications Authority and Co.Re.Com in the past few days. In contrast with past years, case processing times have been speeded up reaching an average settlement level of 90%, a figure similar to the level of excellence of joint Settlement which began with the Consumer Associations in 1991 and which again this year registered an average settlement level of 90% within the predetermined time.    

Other news is that from 1 October 2009, Unioncamere, with over 105 chambers of commerce, representing a third channel through which settlement cases may be sent, will join the Consumer Associations and Co.Re.Com. This new channel will allow for the completion of the procedure framework available to customers making settlement, through “a single counter” an identification tool for the company in order to intervene with a view to the development of new solutions to improve the quality of services offered as well as the relationship with the customer.