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Announcing the intelligent home

Partnership for new integrated home automation solutions.
BTicino’s “MyHome” and Telecom Italia connectivity make it possible to remotely ensure home savings and control security, lighting and comfort.

12/18/2009 - 01:32 PM

Telecom Italia and BTicino are rolling out a partnership for “intelligent” home management that leverages innovative home automation solutions and extends the range of home-oriented technology services.

This agreement between the two companies allows customers to use a smartphone, palmtop or PC to control remotely the lighting, security and comfort in their own homes, and at the same time optimize energy consumption.

The joint venture combines Telecom Italia’s fixed-line and mobile broadband connectivity solutions with BTicino home automation, which allows devices in the home to communicate with one another and ensure optimal performance of all home equipment. The companies have teamed up to create a set of perfectly integrated technological solutions, and are offering coordinated sales and customer care to ensure utmost ease-of-use and customer satisfaction.

Customers with MyHome and an internet connection can go to the BTicino My Home Web portal and directly control a range of home automation functions: comfort /savings (controlling lights, shutters, temperature and music), video surveillance and security (turning alarm systems on and off, alarm event notification), either from within the home or remotely. The entire control system may be accessed over any internet connection. Customers can access all functions from mobile devices such as advanced palmtops or smartphones with special software installed that effectively turns them into simple home “remote controls”.

The partnership between the two companies includes a major launch promotion. Customers who choose this BTicino solution and visit a Telecom Italia retail outlet to activate the ADSL package best suited to their needs are eligible for a €250 discount on the purchase of an iPhone, plus six months free Maxxi Internet websurfing on their iPhone.

The promotion has already been launched in the regions of Lombardy, Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige and Friuli Venezia Giulia, before gradually being rolled out nationwide.

This partnership between Telecom Italia and BTicino highlights both companies’ commitment to developing increasingly integrated home automation solutions based on intercommunicating technological devices in order to allow customers to benefit from innovative and reliable home management and security functions.


Milan, 17 December 2009