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Telecom Italia at the Science Festival

The Telecom Italia Future Lab offers an interactive tour of “digital potential"

01/13/2010 - 03:02 PM

Telecom Italia today inaugurates the Telecom Italia Future Lab, an interactive tour of digital evolution which, in occasion of the Science Festival  which is due to take place in Rome from 13 to 17 January, may be visited in the foyer of the Parco della Musica Auditorium.

An incredible journey in which visitors can experiment with the different aspects of the digital potential, that is the many mini-revolutions that technology can bring to our lives in relationships, security, health, the way we work, how we acquire knowledge, move around, and respect the environment and natural resources.

A series of spectacular interactions will show what some people would call the future, but which in actual fact is already around us: from 3-D video chat to the most modern learning systems, from interactive infomobility to user-generated digital art.

The future is made up of solutions for free time such as CuboVision®, a multimedia gateway which allows for the viewing of digital terrestrial channels on the home television, video internet services and all WebTV channels, as well as request films in pay per view and manage personal content such as photos, videos and music; or for health such as MyDoctor@Home, that allows patients to measure a number of physiological parameters from home and send the results by cell phone to a healthcare facility.

But also a future of suggestions and emotions, such as those aroused by the possibility of writing with light, making music by moving objects on a multimedia table or growing vegetable gardens using a touch-screen.

In the framework of the conferences dedicated to future scenarios, the CEO of Telecom Italia Franco Bernabè together with the founder of MIT MediaLab Nicholas Negroponte and the Editor of Wired Italia Riccardo Luna will participate in the debate “Where is the web taking us?” which will take place on 15 January at 9pm in the  Sala Petrassi of the Auditorium.



Rome, 13 January 2010