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TI Sparkle: outcome of the hearing of 2 March 2010

03/02/2010 - 05:43 PM

With reference to the ongoing investigation by the Rome Public Prosecutor Office, Telecom Italia Sparkle informs that the hearing in the jury room before the Preliminary Hearing Judge (GIP) Aldo Morgigni to decide upon the request for nomination of a commissioner (commissario giudiziale) according to Legislative Decree 231/01 has concluded with a postponement.

In anticipation of the Preliminary Hearing Judge’s decision, the Board of Directors of the Company had already decided to appoint an independent party, that has all the necessary skills and expertise required, with the task, among others, of carrying out an examination of the system of internal control and of the Organisational Model 231.  

The Company also announces that in coherence with that set out by the above mentioned Organizational Model, the employees under investigation have all been suspended as a precaution; those investigated who were, at the time of the events, administrators at Telecom Italia Sparkle have meanwhile left the Group. 

The Company has collaborated and will continue to collaborate fully with the Judicial Authority for the settling of the matter, promptly verifying possible responsibilities without delay.


Rome, 2 March 2010