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Telecom Italia: calling mobile phones from home phones cheaper starting tomorrow

The cost of calling a mobile phone from a Telecom Italia fixed line is being cut by up to 27% from 1 July. Between 2003 and 2009, the cost of fixed line-to-mobile calls has gone down by almost 50% for residential customers for an equivalent quantity of call minutes

06/30/2010 - 05:20 PM

Tomorrow Telecom Italia is cutting the cost of basic tariff calls from fixed lines to all mobile phones, offering savings of up to 27.4% per minute for residential customers, and up to 11.4% for businesses.

The cost of calls to TIM phones at peak time (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.) is being reduced from €0.1336 to €0.1140 per minute. It will cost €0.1182 to call a Vodafone phones at peak time, compared with €0.1386. Calls to Wind customers are going down to €0.12 per minute, compared with €0.1561, while calls to H3G mobile phones are coming down from €0.1852 during peak time to €0.1344 per minute. All of these prices are inclusive of VAT.

Off-peak call prices remain unchanged at €0.0776 to TIM, €0.0792 to Vodafone, €0.0908 to Wind and €0.1084 to H3G. There is also a €0.0787 connection charge.

Fixed line-to-mobile-mobile call costs are coming down for business customers to Wind and H3G. In particular, from €0.0970 per minute to €0.090 for Wind, and from €0.1219 to €0.1080 for H3G. There is also a call connection charge of €0.0656, all of these prices are exclusive of VAT.

With this tariff manoeuvre, Telecom Italia continues the progressive reduction of prices for calls from fixed lines to mobiles: in fact, from 2003, the tariffs per minute to TIM have fallen by 63.1% peak and by 49.9% off peak, calls to Vodafone respectively by 60.2% and 55.1%, to Wind by 66% and 45.7% and to H3G by 54% and 51.8%.

Taking this latest price adjustment into account, at 2009 consumption levels residential customer spending on fixed line-to-mobile calls has been reduced by almost 50% compared with 2003.

Rome, 30 June 2010


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