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Telecom Italia enters the ATM market

Next generation ATM's with advanced functionality will allow banks to virtualize counter services

The new ATMs will also provide innovative ICT services over the cloud via broadband through Telecom Italia’s Data Centres

07/09/2010 - 01:25 PM

Telecom Italia is expanding its service offering for the banking sector with multipurpose ATM EVO terminals that will give banks enhanced digitalization and automation of counter services and allow them to create genuine self service areas. The offering comprises the advanced functionality of the latest ATMs — produced by Korean partner and leading global manufacturer Nautilus Hyosung — and remote operation and comprehensive assistance for the entire terminal network through its National Support Centre. In addition the new machines will be able to provide a vast range of innovative ICT services developed by Telecom Italia and delivered them also over the cloud through the Group's Data Centres. These include video communication, mobile banking, advanced video-surveillance and promotional messaging, bringing significant benefits in terms of quality of service for the end customer and optimization of costs and operations for the banks.

With this initiative Telecom Italia is targeting a domestic market estimated to be worth over €250 million and set to grow at an annual rate of 5% over the next three years, given the relatively low ATM penetration in Italy compared with other European countries. The move is part of Telecom Italia's new ICT strategy to combine connectivity with innovative “Software as Service” technology solutions delivered through its data centres.

The new ATM EVOs, which Telecom Italia will begin marketing in Italy in the autumn, feature rapid function execution and can handle a broader range of operations including deposit of money in cash and by cheque. They will also be able to return cash thanks to enhanced banknote recirculation, reducing the frequency and costs of loading the machine. The new ATM EVOs have large displays, also available in a touch screen format, and are equipped with twin security cameras. Alongside the terminal, Telecom Italia will offer remote operation and technical assistance for the entire ATM network. Through the ATM Control Centre, linked to the company's National Support Centre, Telecom Italia will provide complete end-to-end support for the ATM and all hardware and software components, as well as connectivity. Integrated monitoring — through a single interface and therefore at a lower cost for the banks — will allow to identify eventual causes of malfunction in real time and to respond quickly and effectively.

Telecom Italia plans to enrich its ATM EVO offering with new ICT services such as video communications that will enable customers to hold an audio-video or text communication with bank employees, either for immediate self-service support or for advice and information, thus enabling the branch to deliver services normally handled only by head office. The mobile banking service will allow clients using mobile phones integrated with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to perform banking transactions, dialogue directly with the ATM or top-up their call credit with secure identification of the owner. Advanced video surveillance service, through specific software applications will correlate information from sensors on and around the ATM and analyze the images to identify a range of alert situations. Meanwhile, customer service promotion will rely on a central platform and special software applications to coordinate the publication of multimedia advertising messages.

All services will also be available over the cloud through the company's data centres, enabling banks to take advantage of the latest technologies without having to set up dedicated IT infrastructures, with significant benefits in terms of optimization of costs and services.

The offering is further confirmation of Telecom Italia's commitment to developing innovative ICT services and solutions for the benefit of the banking industry and the general public.

Milan, 9 July 2010


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