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Telecom Italia: Agreement reached with Unions on redundancies forseen in the 2010-2012 industrial plan

Bernabè: “The signing of this agreement fully meets our efficiency aims described in the Plan and guarantees the respect and the safeguard of the workers within a frame of positive dialogue with the Trade Unions, at the same time reconciling our desire to consolidate Telecom Italia's position as one of the most efficient organisations in the sector.”

08/04/2010 - 06:02 PM

Telecom Italia announced today that it has reached the definitive agreement with the Trade Union Organizations on employment levels foreseen in the 2010 – 2012 Industrial Plan. The agreement was signed at the Ministry of Economic Development in the presence of the Minister for Work and Social Policy Sen. Maurizio Sacconi and of the Deputy Minister for Economic Development On. Paolo Romani.

With the document the parties agreed:

  • to begin a new round of voluntary lay-offs for 3,900 workers surplus to the Group's technical and organizational requirements (of which 200 covered by the agreement of 19 September 2008) to be concluded by 31.12.2012;
  • alternatively, for further 1,100 surplus staff job security agreements with training courses aimed at the reconversion and consequent reallocation of the interested workers;
  • for the 470 surplus staff in Directory Assistance (12.54), the extension of job security agreements for a further two years, plus a new training and retraining scheme;
  • for SSC, a new training and retraining scheme and job security agreement for 450 workers;
  • the exclusion during the Plan’s time-span of new company or outsourcing arrangements for Customer Operations, or outsourcing of IT or Staff jobs, including HR Services and SSC;
  • the possible reallocation of 40 currently unemployed former TILS employees within the Group.

Franco Bernabè, CEO of Telecom Italia, stated: "With the signing of this agreement that fully meets the efficiency aims described in our Plan, we confirm once again that our efforts are always guided by the need to respect and safeguard our workforce within a constructive dialogue with the Trade Unions. The agreement also witnesses our determination in pursuing the consolidation of Telecom Italia as one of the most efficient organisations in its sector, necessary premise to a relaunch benefiting the whole national telecommunications system.”

Rome, 4 August 2010


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