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Telecom Italia wins Consip tender for Public Administration mobile telephony services

02/11/2011 - 03:29 PM

Telecom Italia has won the call for tenders issued by Consip for the establishment of a convention for the provision of mobile telephony services to the Public Administration. The company obtained best scores for both technical and economic requirements.

The convention, which will have a duration of 24 months (extendable by a further 12 months), will have an overall value of approximately 230 million euro and will be aimed at some nineteen thousand central and local authorities. 

The open call for tenders was awarded to the best economic offer on the basis of both technical and financial criteria.

Telecom Italia won a contract for the supply of 510,000 lines extendable to a maximum of 714,000. The object of the contract will be the supply of lines and mobile terminals and the provision of voice services with concessional rates for calls within each PA body, VAS services (SMS, MMS, video calls) as well as broadband data transmission, mobile messaging and customized caring services.

Telecom Italia’s technical offer won the tender thanks to the widespread coverage of the Italian territory guaranteed by TIM’s network infrastructure, the availability of 14.4 Mbps third-generation broadband services, the quality of caring and assurance services provided by a dedicated organization and messaging and e-mail services on all market platforms, with full integration of fixed and mobile network services.

The convention will also allow for the provision of Infomobility, Mobile Payment, Localization, Certified e-mail, Device Management and Mobile Collaboration services.

Rome, 11 February 2011


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