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Telecom Italia: slates for the renewal of the Board of Directors presented

03/15/2011 - 09:30 PM

With reference to the company’s Ordinary Shareholders meeting, called for 9 and 12 April 2011 – amongst other things – to appoint the Board of Directors of the Company, Telecom Italia informs that today 3 slates of candidates have been presented.

Telco S.p.A. (owning a total amount of around 22.4% of Telecom Italia ordinary share capital) presented the following slate of candidates:

1. Cesar ALIERTA IZUEL, born in Zaragoza (Spain), 5 May 1945;

2. Tarak BEN AMMAR, born in , 12 June 1949;

3. Franco BERNABÈ, born in Vipiteno (Sterzing), 18 September 1948;

4. Elio Cosimo CATANIA*, born in Catania, 5 June 1946;

5. Jean Paul FITOUSSI*, born in La Goulette (Tunisia), 19 August 1942;

6. Gabriele GALATERI di GENOLA, born in Rome, 11 January 1947;

7. Julio LINARES LOPEZ, born in (), 26 December 1945;

8. Gaetano MICCICHE’, born in Palermo, 12 October 1950;

9. Aldo MINUCCI, born in Reggio Calabria, 4 July 1946;

10. Renato PAGLIARO, born in Milan, 20 February 1957;

11. Marco PATUANO, born in Alessandria, 6 June 1964;

12. Mauro SENTINELLI*, born in Rome, 8 January 1947;

13. Francesco COATTI, born in Milan, 1 August 1970;

14. Filippo BRUNO, born in , 28 October 1961;

15. Oliviero Edoardo PESSI, born in Padua, 7 May 1964.

The candidates declaring themselves “independent” are marked by an asterisk.

Telco S.p.A. also declared the intention to propose to the Shareholders meeting:

  • to establish that there should be a total of 15 members of the Board of Directors;
  • to fix the term of office of the newly-elected Board of Directors at three financial years, i.e. to end with the general meeting of shareholders called to approve the company’s financial statements at 31 December 2013;
  • to set the overall annual remuneration for the Board of Directors at Euro 2,200,000.00, as under Article 2389, paragraph 1, of the Italian Civil Code, to be divided among the members thereof in accordance with the resolutions adopted by the Board itself in this respect;
  • to authorize the candidates for the post of Director to continue with the activities specified in their respective curricula vitae, and to release them from restrictions on competition, as permitted under Article 2390 of the Italian Civil Code.

Findim Group S.A. (owning a total amount of around 4.9% of Telecom Italia ordinary share capital) presented the following slate of candidates, who declared themselves “independent”:

Gianemilio OSCULATI, born in Monza, 19 May 1947;

Paolo Carlo Renato DAL PINO, born in Milan, 26 June 1962;

Carlos Manuel DE LUCENA E VASCONCELOS CRUZ, born in Lisboa, 12 September 1957.

Finally, a group of asset management companies  and international institutional investors, shareholders of Telecom Italia, presented the following slate of candidates, who declared themselves “independent”:

Luigi ZINGALES, born in Padua, 8 February 1963;

Ferdinando FALCO BECCALLI, born in Turin, 25 November 1949;

Francesco PROFUMO, born in Savona, 3 May 1953.

Telco S.p.A. and Findim Group S.A. have produced certificates attesting ownership of the minimum stake required for the presentation of lists (as per the convening notice: 1% of share capital with voting rights at the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting). The shareholders presenting the third slate cited above will produce the necessary certificates by Saturday 19 March, as permitted by applicable rules. By the same date the detailed information and documentation required by Article 144-octies, paragraph 1, letter b) of the Issuer Regulations, in particular curricula vitae and candidates’ declarations, will be made available to the public at the company offices, on the Telecom Italia web site, www.telecomitalia.com/assemblea and on the Borsa Italiana website at http://www.borsaitaliana.it/.


Milan, 15 March 2011


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