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Telecom Italia: Announcing a new line of eco-friendly products

New Telecom Italia Green range of low environmental impact products starts with a Wi-Fi N ADSL Modem, which is already on sale to consumer and business customers

04/29/2011 - 10:52 AM

Telecom Italia has begun rolling out a brand-new line of eco-friendly products for consumer and business customers under the Telecom Italia Green brand. The first product in the new range, the Wi-Fi N ADSL modem, is an eco-designed environmentally-friendly device built to ensure environmental sustainability and energy savings.

Custom-built for Telecom Italia broadband packages, this elegant new modem is manufactured using plastics of the same type and halogen-free materials in order to enhance recyclability, and uses 60% less plastic overall. Electronic componentry can easily be separated from the external housing to facilitate handling of both types of waste. Even the packaging is made out of recyclable, non-plastic-coated cardboard.

The “green” Wi-Fi modem consumes around 40% less power and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by the same percentage (CO2 equivalent) compared with the previous generation of modems. In 2011, Telecom Italia forecasts that more than 1 million of these modems will go into use, generating an environmental benefit equivalent to taking around 11,500 cars off the road for a year, or undertaking reforestation by planting 29,400 trees. The modem is supplied with an Environmental Declaration that has been drafted in compliance with current legislation.

The new ADSL Wi-Fi N router also offers enhanced quality for viewing videos and film clips on a PC through its high-speed wireless connection. The device may be purchased from the usual Telecom Italia points of sale and on line at http://www.telecomitalia.it/.

This initiative once again confirms Telecom Italia’s commitment to sustainability and environmentally-friendly growth. The company has long designed and manufactured high-tech solutions and platforms for families, SMEs, government departments and citizens that help reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions. The Telecom Italia Green brand will gradually be rolled out to other products.

Rome, 29 April 2011


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