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Telecom Italia and Huawei sign agreement to relaunch the technological innovation in Italy

A long term agreement aiming to strengthen the joint research activities over the territory with the objective to develop the innovative technologies and create value for Italy

06/03/2011 - 03:16 PM

Telecom Italia and Huawei have signed today a long-term agreement in several technological fields with the objective to develop fixed new generation network infrastructures, mobile devices and innovative applications, software and enterprise solutions. The plan, which targets a 5 years development horizon, includes the realization of joint innovation programs to design and delivery new solutions with the objective to carrying out research into new network technologies and implementing new standards.

The agreement was signed today by Franco Bernabè, Chief Executive Officer of Telecom Italia Group and Kevin Tao, President Europe of Huawei in the presence of the Chinese Vice-President Xi Jinping and the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. The ceremony marked the Chinese Vice-President’s official visit to Italy to celebrate the good relationship and the economic agreements between Italy and China.

The partnership does represent a step ahead on the ongoing collaboration between the two companies focused on developing a new generation high-speed broadband network on a national scale (FTTH) and Mobile BroadBand Network aimed to provide highly innovative high quality and high efficiency infrastructure and services to the customers.

The agreement reinforces the already in place Telecom Italia and Huawei partnership and the investment both for the Mobile Innovation Centre and the Network Innovation Centre in Turin. Important projects aimed at researching and developing technologies and advanced services in both mobile and fixed-mobile converged communications have been already deployed in the past years.

The two companies will jointly continue exploring to create innovative solutions to enhancing network efficiency as well as bring exciting new applications to the customers.

The signing of this agreement is set to bring a positive impact to the country and will also create new job opportunities all over the Italian territory. Huawei is a fast-growing company and through this renewed agreement with Telecom Italia aims to continue increasing its expansion in Italy bringing value to the local business community.

The agreement reached today strengthens and extends the cooperation between Huawei and Telecom Italia both in Italy and in Latin America in different technological fields including devices, application and software, enterprise solutions as well as research into new technologies and services.

Rome, 3 June 2011


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