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Telecom Italia and the province of Pavia: agreement to use non-invasive digging techniques to develop broadband networks and close the digital divide

Deal will see the adoption of “mini-trenches” for network infrastructure and the enhancement of broadband services throughout the Province of Pavia. Anti-digital divide programme boosted by the Lombardy regional government in 143 municipalities in and around Pavia

04/23/2012 - 05:30 PM

Telecom Italia and the Pavia provincial administration have signed an agreement to adopt new, non-invasive digging techniques for building new network infrastructure and enhancing broadband services. The deal was announced today at a ceremony attended by Daniele Bosone, President of the Province of Pavia, and Giovanni Moretto, Telecom Italia’s Head of Access Operations, North-West Italy Area.

This agreement is in implementation of Law no. 69 of 2009, “Measures for economic development, simplification and competition, as part of civic processes” regarding the building of broadband networks. The three-year agreement is designed to ensure the safety of all work undertaken by Telecom Italia in the streets of the Pavia province and areas where the broadband telecommunications network is being installed, both in terms of digging techniques and site restoration, as well as future upgrades to existing installations.

The deal will make it possible to use leading-edge techniques and tools across the Pavia area, reducing the environmental impact and site costs involved in building telecommunications networks and upgrading broadband services.

Mini trenches” only require excavations a few centimetres wide and thirty centimetres deep. The technique can reduce socio-environmental costs (inconvenience to citizens and public services) by as much as 80%, while cutting workplace accidents by 67% and bringing down the amount of time required to build telecommunications infrastructure by 80%.

Today’s agreement is part of a Lombardy regional government anti-digital divide drive for which Telecom Italia won the tender. The programme’s objective is to promote the construction and development of broadband and ultra-broadband network infrastructure to completely bridge the digital divide in 143 municipalities across the Province of Pavia by the end of the first half of 2013. Construction of broadband infrastructure and, above all, fostering the take-up of services that leverage this network will strongly boost the next stage of economic growth in the Pavia area.

“We have at last signed this major agreement with Telecom Italia to accelerate broadband coverage in the Province of Pavia. Until now, we have experienced a major digital divide deficit that has caused problems for citizens and enterprises in the local area,” says President of the Province of Pavia, Senator Daniele Bosone. “As a result of this agreement, for the first time the Province will be an active partner in this significant infrastructure development procedure, which will result in 100% broadband coverage.”

Deputy President of the Province of Pavia and Councillor for Technological Innovation Milena D’Imperio says: “I hope that this agreement represents the starting point for more adequate infrastructure. Until now, the potential of our enterprises, productive processes and students has been undervalued, while they cry out for the same opportunities as people living in other provinces in the Lombardy region. For too long, and in a partial fashion, infrastructure has only been perceived in terms of connection speed. Now we are talking about capacity, processes and innovation. This is the challenge that the provincial government has taken up, one that we hope the main players on the market will rise to.”

Giovanni Moretto Telecom Italia’s Head of Access Operations Area North-West Italy, says: “At a time when development of network infrastructure and the provision of broadband telecommunications services are strategic assets for Italian growth, this major agreement strengthens the synergies and partnership between Telecom Italia and the Province of Pavia, as we look together to the future. Moreover, we shall be using leading-edge, low environmental impact digging technologies such as mini trenches, which reduce inconvenience associated with roadworks, and bring down risks associated with installation work, to the benefit of safety in the workplace.”

Pavia, 23 April 2012



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