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Telecom Italia and the University of Catania announce a “Joint Open Lab” to approach research and industry

06/25/2012 - 04:19 PM

Telecom Italia and the University of Catania have launched a project of cooperation to realise a new research laboratory by the end the year. The “Joint Open Lab” is intended to foster new ties between industry and universities that can bring together academic research and knowledge with industrial know-how and experience.

The scheme was announced today by the Rector of Catania University, Antonino Recca, and Telecom Italia COO, Marco Patuano, during the Catania meeting of Working Capital Accelerator, the Telecom Italia initiative to stimulate digital innovation in Italy.

The Joint Open Lab will focus on research into next generation Mobile Internet services, such as NFC (Near Field Communication), allowing the public and business to build new platforms incorporating the latest mobile and cloud computing technologies and advanced security and privacy features for a range of everyday and business applications.

The initiative is part of Telecom Italia's plans to set up six new research labs around the country in partnership with leading Italian universities to rebuild and transform the relationship between the worlds of business and academia in the field of technological innovation.

The partnership specifically aims to encourage the transfer of the products of university research to industrial uses, turning new ideas into tangible opportunities for society and the economy.

By creating a stimulating environment with dedicated spaces for knowledge sharing and highly flexible workstations, the new lab will represent a key research and development asset, capable of attracting young talent and encouraging the application of new ideas and solutions, generating new value on shared objectives in research and innovation.  

The laboratory will also be eligible to apply for regional, national and European research funding.

The agreement stipulates that Telecom Italia will contribute its own research staff, laboratory equipment, and service platforms to the new Joint Open Lab. The University of Catania will make available researchers, scholars, trainees and undergraduates.

“We have a longstanding and consolidated relationship with the University of Catania,” commented Marco Patuano, COO of Telecom Italia, and the Rector Antonino Recca. “Since 2009 we have carried out a number of joint training and teaching initiatives in collaboration with the Department of Electronics and Computing, as well as working together on joint financing proposals in Italy and abroad. Our desire to continue this approach is reflected in today's announcement of the creation of a joint research laboratory in line with the company's broader ambition to radically reshape the relationship between academia and business, create value and furnish industry with new grass roots ideas.”


Catania, 25 June 2012


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