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Telecom Italia and Bocconi University launch new ‘TIM Chair’ in Market Innovation

Collaboration renewed on research, teaching and support for talented students

The chair will be held by Professor Gianmario Verona

03/13/2013 - 05:15 PM

Telecom Italia and Bocconi University are joining forces again. As part of a partnership that stretches back over several years the telecommunications group and the Milan business school have created a new professorship at Bocconi University entitled “TIM Chair in Market Innovation.

In a new five-year commitment Telecom Italia is making a further contribution to the development of Bocconi's strategic program, working alongside the School in pursuit of its long-term objectives.

As Bocconi Strategic Partner, Telecom Italia will provide incentives for research, the development of teaching and support for students that show talent.

The chair will be held by Professor Gianmario Verona, currently director of the Master's in Business Administration (MBA) at SDA Bocconi and lecturer in the Bocconi Department of Management and Technology.

The focus of the chair in market innovation will be to understand the tools and strategic/organisational approaches that can help firms free up energy to drive innovation and above all create new markets, a key theme in management, strategy and marketing today.

The new chair will permit a closer collaboration between the company and the university which hope to develop a medium-long term teaching and research programme in a field of study of interest to both.

“The creation of the chair in Market Innovation represents an important step forward in the longstanding partnership between Telecom Italia and Bocconi University,” declared COO Marco Patuano. “The company wishes to help develop the increasingly cutting edge academic skills needed to govern today's complex markets and generate opportunities to relaunch the economy both nationally and globally. Today, more than ever, innovation is the fundamental engine behind every business and, more generally, behind the economic growth of a society or a country. I am convinced that TIM Chair will make a precious contribution in this arena.”

“With the renewal of our partnership, and the creation of the new chair, Bocconi is strengthening its efforts to generate global breakthroughs in research, produce the managerial class of the future and enhance the experience of study at Bocconi. The support of partners such as Telecom Italia is vital to the achievement of such goals,” explained Andrea Sironi, rector of Bocconi University.

“The competitive ecosystem in many sectors has changed radically in the last ten years due to a series of factors that include the explosion of simple and distributed digital technologies and globalization which is breaking down borders across countries and continents.” Added Verona. “The new chair will focus attention on the genesis of innovation as well as go-to-market strategy and product launch.”

Milan, 13 march 2013


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