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Telecom Italia wins Consip tender for government electronic mail and certified mail services (PEC)

Four-year contract worth €30 million

05/31/2013 - 03:10 PM

Telecom Italia has won the Consip tender to provide electronic mail and certified electronic mail to Italian government under the framework of the Public Connectivity and Corporation System (SPC), having placed top in the technical and pricing categories.

The temporary consortium formed by Telecom Italia (principal) and Group certification service provider IT Telecom (representative) will be entering into a contract with Consip to provide 400,000 mailboxes, 90,150 certified electronic mailboxes (PEC) and specialist support services.

The four-year contract is worth €30 million.

The Impresa Semplice-sourced services benefit from Telecom Italia’s Nuvola Italiana cloud computing infrastructure dedicated to government, making it possible to customize the solutions provided and cater to the requirements stated in the tender specifications with high standards of quality and reliability.

Rome, 31 May 2013


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