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Telecom Italia: Franco Bernabè resigns from the Office of Chairman

10/03/2013 - 04:57 PM

The Chairman of Telecom Italia Franco Bernabè has resigned from his office.

The meeting of the Board of Directors continues chaired by the Vice President Aldo Minucci.

The Board expressed its gratitude to Franco Bernabè for the great commitment and substantial managerial contribution offered over the years spent guiding the Company.

Mr. Bernabè was an executive, not independent, Director and was the Chairman of the Executive Committee. On the basis of the information available pursuant to art. 114, sub-paragraph 7 of legislative decree no. 58/1998, he owns 468,000 Telecom Italia ordinary shares (of which 18,000 indirectly) and 480,000 Telecom Italia savings shares (of which 30,000 indirectly).

A further communication will be released at the end of the Board meeting.

Milan, 3 October 2013


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