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Mandates conferred on Chairman and CEO. Marco Patuano appointed Chief Executive Officer. Internal Committees Appointed

04/18/2014 - 02:20 PM

The Board of Directors of Telecom Italia met today, chaired by Giuseppe Recchi, and appointed Marco Patuano Chief Executive Officer of the Company.

The powers granted to the Chairman are, in brief:

  • a general role of guidance and overview in the development and implementation of the Company and Group strategic, industrial and financial plans, of the development guidelines, as well as supervision of the definition of their organisational structures and economic and financial progress;
  • representing the Company and the Group in its external relations with the Authorities, institutions and Investors:
  • organisational responsibility for the Legal Affairs, Press Office & Opinion Maker Relations, Public & Regulatory Affairs, Corporate Social Responsibility departments and supervision of the Audit function.

The Chief Executive Officer has been assigned responsibility for the overall management of the Company and the Group (including responsibility for defining, proposing to the Board of Directors and then implementing and developing the strategic, industrial and financial plans) and all the organisational responsibilities to ensure the management and development of business in Italy and South America. The Chief Executive Officer is also responsible for the activities of the Public & Regulatory Affairs department with AGCOM e AGCM and the corresponding authorities abroad, in coordination with the Chairman.

The Board of Directors has also appointed the internal committees, as follows:

  • for the Control and Risk Committee, Directors: Lucia Calvosa, Laura Cioli, Francesca Cornelli, Giorgina Gallo and Giorgio Valerio;
  • for the Nomination and Remuneration Committee, Directors: Davide Benello, Flavio Cattaneo, Jean Paul Fitoussi and Denise Kingsmill.


* * *

The Board of Directors had previously ascertained that directors Giuseppe Recchi, Davide Benello, Lucia Calvosa, Flavio Cattaneo, Laura Cioli, Francesca Cornelli, Giorgina Gallo, Denise Kingsmill, Luca Marzotto and Giorgio Valerio meet the independence requirements set forth in the Borsa Italiana Code; these Directors declared that they meet the requirements of independence pursuant to the Consolidated Finance Law, too, which is true for Director Jean Paul Fitoussi as well.

The Board of Directors has confirmed as Manager responsible for preparing the financial documents of Telecom Italia the Chief Financial Officer, Piergiorgio Peluso, and as Secretatary of the Board of Directors the General Counsel, Antonino Cusimano.

Finally, the Board of Directors amended the calendar for approval of the quarterly report at 30 March, bringing the meeting of 13 May 2014 forward to 12 May (the dates of approval of the half-yearly report and the financial report at 30 September remain unchanged: 5 August and 6 November 2014 respectively).


* * *

The curricula vitae are available on the Company website "Investors" section.

At present, the following holdings in shares of the Company result:

Marco Patuano 70,000 ordinary shares and 30,000 savings shares.



Milan, 18 April 2014


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