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Telecom Italia: from the management, a contribution to support workers on solidarity contracts

The Company will also provide resources, making a total of 8 million euros which will go into the Pension Funds or salary payment

04/29/2014 - 11:20 AM

Telecom Italia and the Coordination team of the Representatives of Group Management Trade Unions have reached an agreement, the economic effects of which will be allocated to workers on Solidarity Contracts.

The agreement identifies the tools through which the managers of Telecom Italia, temporarily modifying some contractual provisions, will allow the Company to make savings which will be monetised and which, with a similar sum made directly available by the company thanks to productivity improvements, will help to reduce the burden on workers on solidarity contracts, whose salary integration for 2014 has been reduced by the Stability Law from 80 to 70%.

The measures contained in the agreement – addressed to the Managers of the Companies of the Telecom Italia Group – concern the following aspects:

  1. reduction of working hours with reproportioning of their remuneration (effective for the period from 23 April 2014 to 30 April 2015) in the measure of three days for Managers whose total gross annual pay is equal to the Guaranteed Contractual Minimum Amount and of six days for the others;
  2. accrual of the additional amount for reimbursement of non-documentable expenses – provided for in the National Collective Bargaining Agreement for the Managers of Companies that Produce Goods and Services – only in the case of an overnight stay in the area they have travelled to;
  3. leave entitlement – for 2014 – of thirty days holiday (instead of thirty-five) for managers who, on 1 June 2014, have outstanding leave relating to previous years.

The implementation of these measures will produce estimated economic resources of around four million euros. This amount, together with a further four million made available by Company's productivity improvements, for a total of over 8 million euros, will be used for the individual economic positions of workers on Solidarity Contracts who have enrolled in Closed Pension Funds; workers who have not enrolled in those Pension Funds will be paid an equivalent lump sum amount in their salary, net of taxes and contributions.


Rome, 29 April 2014


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