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Telecom Italia: draft agreement signed with all the Trade Unions for the Caring sector restructoring

After a new meeting with the trade unions, the document that introduces a new Caring management model that will allow to overcome the spin-off of the division, stabilizing employment, converting 100 part-time jobs to full-time jobs and maintaining operations at 41 regional offices which were scheduled for closure in the 2013 agreement has been signed. The workers will be consulted on the text by 26 January

12/18/2014 - 09:11 PM

Telecom Italia and the Trade Unions met again this morning to review the situation in the Caring sector, part of the company that provides work for over 9 thousand people.

Slc Cgil, Fistel Cisl, Uilcom Uil and Ugl Telecomunicazioni today signed a draft agreement that lays the foundation for revitalising the sector through significant interventions to simplify process, optimise service and make more effective use of internal resources.

The content of the agreement will allow the company to overcome the project to spin-off of the Caring Division specified in the agreement signed by the Trade Unions in 2013, and to maintain operations at 41 (two more, Cremona and Pesaro, than what previously planned) of the 52 regional offices, closure of which had already been decided, with transfer of the personnel to nearby premises.

The new agreement is the fruit of lengthy negotiations lasting more than 7 months with the trade unions in which the company covered all the issues of a sector, namely Caring, that is experiencing a deep crisis at national level.

The principal aim of the restructuring project is stabilisation of the work in the call centres and long term sustainability within the Group.

The new structure aims at guaranteeing to the Caring internal services the possibility of differentiating themselves from those offered by the market in outsourcing.

In particular, Telecom Italia will introduce a new "Skills Cloud" model, which will allow the skills and individual capacities of workers to be recorded, and the routing of customer requests to the operator with the most experience and knowledge of each issue. The aim is to achieve higher and higher levels of customer satisfaction and service quality.

The new model, provides, within the context of the regulations laid down in article 4 of the Statute of Labourers and in full compliance with the rights and dignity of the individual, an innovative approach for our country in the use of technologies, in order to meet customer needs more effectively.

The individual knowledge of skills will allow the company to establish targeted training pathways to improve the specific capabilities and skills of the worker and re-employ excess personnel.

The agreement also envisages the conversion of 100 part-time jobs to full-time jobs, and the award of a one-off payment of 200 euros to the 9000 plus employees of the Caring Services Division of Telecom Italia.

Rome, 18 December 2014


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