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Telecom Italia increases the pace on the digital school, it signs a protocol of understanding with MIUR and launches "EducaTI" project

The protocol provides for the spread of digital solutions in support of innovative teaching methods, including through awareness-raising actions aimed at families, children and teachers

Giuseppe Recchi: "A commitment to digital education of more than 60 million euros over the next 3 years"

12/15/2014 - 12:00 PM

Telecom Italia is increasing the pace on the digital school by signing a protocol of understanding with the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) and it launches the EducaTI project, with the objective of creating an ecosystem for the spread of new teaching tools and methods. EducaTI initiative is aimed at promoting digital skills in the Italian school system, by experimenting and promoting new learning and teaching models in partnership with all the parties involved in the school world.

The protocol of understanding signed with MIUR, which will run for three years, is aimed at promoting solutions supporting the digital school, in line with the "Good School" plan proposed by the government in order to raise the quality of the educational offer of scholastic institutions, through innovation in teaching and the integration of new technologies into learning processes.

In particular, Telecom Italia undertakes to promote the spread of digital solutions in support of innovative teaching methods and to support communication and training initiatives on digital skills aimed at teachers and students and at making available to schools platforms to support the digitalization of organizational processes and the governance of the schools themselves.

The protocol of understanding harmonizes all the interventions by Telecom Italia and the Fondazione Telecom Italia in the sphere of promoting innovative forms of digital teaching.

Telecom Chairman Giuseppe Recchi has declared:

Investing in education and the young is the priority for the development and growth of every country. The possibilities offered by digital technology are extraordinary for today's young people, and partnerships between public and private are the winning model for achieving Italy's objectives. For this reason Telecom Italia, the leading company in the country for investments, has decided to commit more than 60 million euros over the next three years, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, to support the development of an outstanding quality education system.”

In signing this protocol of understanding, Telecom Italia intends to re-emphasize its commitment to young people and schools, and to confirm its role as a leader in the process of the digital transformation of the Country.

In order to achieve the undertakings given in the Protocol of understanding, it will be possible to set up one or more operational agreements aimed at defining the specific contents to reach the single aims set.

Telecom Italia has adhered with enthusiasm to the Protocolli in rete (Network Protocols) initiative of MIUR which foresees protocols of understanding open to adhesion from other operators in the technological innovation sector which wish to take part.

According to the guidelines identified by the Italian Strategy for the Digital Agenda and the Europe 2020 programme - which define education for the digital world as one of the principal enabling levers for the development of new opportunities for growth and employment - technological innovation is a powerful tool in support of improvement in training and educational processes, with citizens as the final beneficiaries.

Telecom Italia today launches the EducaTI (#ilfuturoèditutti) project with the objective of giving a further impulse to the process of digitalizing the Italian school system, favouring experimentation and the adoption, together with the numerous parties active in the world of schools, of new teaching tools and methods.

The project encompasses many initiatives: promoting the structural introduction into schools of coding, i.e. the basic concepts of information technology, in order to expand opportunities for access to the innovative professions of the future; the "digital tutor", an educational tour dedicated to 15,000 primary school teachers with the objective of enabling them to acquire the skills necessary for becoming true mentors in the use of the new digital teaching tools and expanding awareness of the opportunities and risks of social networks; the competition “You Teach”, aimed at stimulating the creativity of students in Upper Secondary Schools throughout Italian territory, for creating a video capable of conveying healthy and well-informed models of the use of the Internet and social networks; finally the launch of the new crowdfunding platform “WithYouWeDo” which will enable the online community to finance innovative teaching projects in the field of education and digital culture.

For further information on the EducaTI project: telecomitalia.com/EducaTI

With this initiative, furthermore, Telecom Italia confirms its commitment to promoting actions aimed at generating social and economic value for the community.

Rome, 15 December 2014


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