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Telecom Italia: request for supplementation of the agenda for the Shareholders' Meeting of 20 May

Suspension of the administrative rights of Telefónica in Telecom Italia after the break-up of Telco

03/27/2015 - 12:01 PM

After the request for supplementation of the agenda for the next Shareholders' Meeting (Rozzano, 20 May 2015) by reference shareholder Telco S.p.A., received yesterday evening, Telecom Italia will add the following additional item to the agenda for the extraordinary session of the Meeting: “Supplements to the Bylaws requested by Telefónica, through Telco, pursuant to the ruling by the Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações (ANATEL). Related and consequent resolutions"

The amendment of the Bylaws, essentially, regards the introduction of a transitory clause regarding the suspension of Telefónica's administrative rights in Telecom Italia, after the break-up of Telco.

Pursuant to law, the explanatory report prepared by the requesting shareholder will be made available contemporaneously with the publication of the meeting call notice, on Monday next, 30 March. 


Rome, 27 March 2015


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