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Telecom Italia: request to supplement the agenda of the shareholders’ meeting received from vivendi

11/15/2015 - 08:45 PM

Telecom Italia announces that it received today, from shareholder Vivendi, a request to supplement the agenda of the Meeting of the Ordinary Shareholders, called for 15 December next, pursuant to article 126-bis, legislative decree no. 58/1998.

The addition of the following item was requested: “The appointment of 4 (four) Directors, with prior redefinition of the number of members of the Board of Directors from 13 (thirteen) to 17 (seventeen). Related and consequent resolutions”.

In particular, Vivendi proposed approval of the following resolution proposal:

  1. to redefine the number of members of the Board of Directors of the Company, increasing it from 13 to 17;
  2. to appoint Arnaud Roy de Puyfontaine, Stephane Roussel, Hervé Philippe and Felicité Herzog as new directors of the Company, who will remain in office until expiry of the mandate of the current Board of Directors, and therefore until the Shareholders’ Meeting to approve the financial statements as of 31 December 2016;
  3. increase, for the period remaining until expiry of the mandate, the total annual compensation of the Board of Directors resolved upon by the Shareholders’ Meeting of 16 April 2014 pursuant to article 2389, subsection 1, of the Italian Civil Code, in proportion to the number of Directors appointed pursuant to previous point (ii);
  4. authorize the Directors appointed pursuant to previous point (ii) to continue the activities indicated in their respective CVs, releasing them from the non-competition clause for these activities as far as necessary pursuant to article 2390 of the Italian Civil Code.


The CVs will be published together with the report received from Vivendi.

A meeting of the Board of Directors of Telecom Italia will be called over the next few days to resolve on the relevant issues.


Rome, 15 November 2015


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