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Telecom Italia: after the rejection of the draft agreement for the Caring sector in the referendum, the spinoff and rationalisation of the regional offices is on again

In the last few months the Company has sought alternative solutions, but the sector must in any case return to balance the books

02/06/2015 - 10:04 AM

After acknowledging the negative outcome of January's referendum of the workers on the draft agreement reached on 18 December on the Caring Services Division, Telecom Italia today informed trade unions Sli-Cgil, Fistel-Cisl and Uilcom-Uil that the company will start implementing the agreements for the Caring Services Division signed with these same trade unions on 27 March 2013.

Specifically, these agreements envisage the rationalisation of the regional offices of Caring Services, with the closure of some offices and the creation of a separate company to supply caring services to our customers. 

The call centre market is experiencing a great crisis, nationally, with growing competition between sector operators.  The company, in negotiations that lasted more than 8 months, has analysed all the issues with the trade union representatives, and sought shared solutions that, in full respect of the dignity of the workers, indeed, with the aim of enhancing their professional skills, would give stability to work in the call centres and ensure its long term sustainability. The draft agreement signed with all the trade unions on 18 December 2014 had identified a way forward that would allow the division to remain inside Telecom Italia Spa, differentiating it from the service offered in outsourcing by the quality of service, and at the same time improving the productivity and sustainability of the work.

The new company that will be created will be part of the Telecom Italia Group, and its aim will be to combine quality service to customers and the efficiencies needed to make the new company competitive in its sector of reference.


Rome, 06 February 2015 


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