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Telecom Italia, Vodafone Italia, Wind: launch of “Dono per...”, the fund-raising consortium that accepts donations by means of calls from a fixed line or sms text messages

The non-profit consortium will be dealing with the fund-raising operation for the voluntary sector and political parties. Any profits will go to charity

The Consortium is open to adhesion by other telecommunications operators

05/28/2015 - 05:50 PM

Telecom Italia, Vodafone Italia and Wind have established "Dono per...", a limited liability consortium company that will deal with all initiatives for the raising and distribution of funds for charity as well as loans to political parties or movements, as envisaged by the new legislation.

The company is a non-profit organisation and, therefore, any operating profit will be used for social projects.

The major telecommunications companies have together decided to create a new legal entity through which to guarantee a standardised, shared approach with regards to Non-profit Organisations, Political Parties, Institutions and the Media.

“Dono per…” aims to make the fund-raising service more effective by accepting donations both through calls from fixed lines and SMS text messages. Donators will thus have the guarantee that the full amount they donate will effectively go to the chosen charitable initiative, association or political party, with the exception of a very small part (no more than 4% of the funds raised), which will cover the costs incurred by the consortium in managing the various fund-raising activities.

The consortium will feature a very streamlined organisational structure, thereby successfully meeting the demand expressed on several occasions by operators in the voluntary sector to simplify management processes and ensure a greater focus on the fund-raising itself.

“Dono per…”, which is open to all fixed and mobile operators, will be led by high profile external figures chosen by the partners equally.

The BoD of “Dono per…” met yesterday for the first time; its members are Antonio Catricalà, Enrico Giovannini and Simona Signoracci, Executive Chairman.

Rome, 28 May 2015


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