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The "TIM Premium Online" offer on TIM's broadband and ultrabroadband networks starts

From today the Premium Online television programming is available exclusively for TIM customers

It will be possible to watch all the Champions League matches, the whole of Premium's TIM Serie A offer, the first broadcasts of Universal and Warner Bros films and a lot more, also on the move

The partnership contributes to the spread of ultrabroadband throughout the Country, thanks to the opportunity to view exclusive Premium Online content

09/30/2015 - 04:30 PM

Today is the start of the “TIM Premium Online” offer, thanks to the agreement signed in August between Telecom Italia Group and Mediaset. The offers enables TIM consumer customers with an ADSL or Fibre connection to access "Premium Online" television programming, thanks to the transmission capacity of TIM's broadband and ultrabroadband networks, with special solutions just for them.
The service is also available through the TIMvision decoder, which is thus enhanced with new and valuable content.

With "Premium Online",  all the contents of the Mediaset Premium service are available on the web: live, on-demand and in HD, on all devices. With 18 live channels and over 6,000 content items on demand that can be viewed on over 400 different devices, from tablets to smartphones, PCs to games consoles. And the offer includes all the live football, in HD.

The partnership emphasises the importance of affirming a new entertainment scenario based on industrial synergies that can combine premium content with latest generation network infrastructure. In this way an important step is taken towards convergence between the worlds of media and telecommunications, thus assuring increasingly richer and more advantageous TV content offers.

The joint TIM - Mediaset offer uses the know-how of the respective technological and production skills, and is proposed exclusively for TIM customers from 10 euros per month - a promotional price for the first year - with the “Serie TV” package which includes TV series, cartoons and two pay per view Serie A TIM football events; while the “Tutto Premium” package includes TV series, films, cartoons and live football events, including on demand, with the games of the Champions League and the Premium teams of the TIM Serie A, will be available at 26 euros per month, which again is a promotional price for the first year.
Both offers constitute savings of 9 euros per month compared to the price lists. TIM customers who join "TIM Premium Online" will also be able to use the Superinternet option, with speeds of up to 20 Mbps, free of charge.

The Premium Online App is active in the TIMvision decoder from today, enabling users to access the service directly from their home TV, as well as from all compatible devices.
The offer, directed at people who have a fibre or ADSL connection from TIM, will be accessible through a simple account that can be associated with up to 5 different devices, also usable on any 3G and 4G mobile network.

Rome/Cologno Monzese, 30 September  2015


TIM is Telecom Italia Group's unique brand, operating in the market offering fixed and mobile telephony services, internet, digital content and cloud services. TIM, the enabler of the most innovative information and communication technology, is accompanying Italy towards the objective of total digitalisation, by creating ultrabroadband network infrastructure and disseminating latest generation services.


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