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TELECOM ITALIA: Stefano De Angelis is the new Chief Executive Officer for TIM Brasil

05/12/2016 - 11:21 AM

Telecom Italia announces that Stefano De Angelis was yesterday appointed by the TIM Participações Board of Directors as Chief Executive Officer (Diretor Presidente) of TIM Brasil, following Rodrigo Abreu’s leaving the Group due to expiry of the mandate. Rodrigo Abreu also leaves the position of Director, with the Board co-opting Stefano De Angelis.

The Company thanks Rodrigo Abreu most sincerely for the high quality of his professional contribution shown during his time spent at the helm of TIM Brasil.

As from today, Stefano De Angelis (who will be taking up office in Brazil subject to the necessary immigration procedures) leaves the office of Head of the Consumer & SME department of Telecom Italia, which is assigned on an interim basis to the Telecom Italia Group Chief Executive Officer, Flavio Cattaneo.

Stefano De Angelis currently holds 4,760 Telecom Italia ordinary shares. Rodrigo Abreu has declared that he holds 11,310 ordinary shares in TIM Participações.


Rome, 12 May 2016


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