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Telecom Italia: Stefano Azzi new Head of Consumer & Small Enterprise, Giovanni Ferigo to guide Technology and Lorenzo Forina new Head of Business & Top Clients

07/28/2016 - 07:11 PM

Telecom Italia renews the management team for the Consumer, Business and Technology departments.

More specifically, the following appointments are made:

  • Stefano Azzi, Head of Consumer & Small Enterprise (formerly Consumer & Small Enterprise Market);
  • Giovanni Ferigo, Head of the Technology department (apart from Information Technology - referred to by the company TI Information Technology Srl - which is transferred into the Special Projects for the Group department, headed by Francesco Micheli);
  • Lorenzo Forina, Head of Business & Top Clients (formerly Ict Solutions & Service Platforms).

Stefano Azzi holds 9,176 ordinary shares in Telecom Italia; Giovanni Ferigo holds 15,652 ordinary shares in Telecom Italia; and Lorenzo Forina does not hold any company shares.

To Simone Battiferri (who does not hold any company shares) and Giuseppe Roberto Opilio (who holds 4,760 ordinary Telecom Italia shares), who respectively held the roles of Head of Ict Solutions & Service Platforms and Head of Technology, Telecom Italia Group offers its thanks for the valuable professional contribution.

The Consumer & Small Enterprise Market Department was previously held on an interim basis by the Chief Executive Officer, Flavio Cattaneo.


Rome, 28 July 2016


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