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TIM launches ultrabroadband up to 1000 MB on the FTTH network in Milan

From 1 June it will be possible to test up to 1,000 Megabit/s in download and 100 Megabit/s in upload on the FTTH (Fiber To The Home) network

The initiative is open to all TIM customers who have chosen the FTTH technology offer or who decide to activate it

05/25/2016 - 03:06 PM

After Perugia, TIM is launching ultrabroadband up to 1000 MB on the new FTTH (Fiber To The Home) network in Milan. From 1 June all TIM customers who have already activated a Fiber in FTTH technology offer, or those who choose to activate it, will be able to test the super-fast connection up to 1000 MB per second in download and 100 MB in upload free of charge.  

It is the fastest connection over fiber ever achieved to date, which is made available to TIM customers thanks to "live" testing which will last for 6 months. Those who participate in the initiative, reserved for 3,000 customers, will receive a new generation modem to enable the provision of the 1000 MB service.

The "fiber 1000" project aims to provide the city of Milan with the most advanced network solutions for ultrabroadband capable of giving citizens and businesses access to increasingly better performing services, thereby confirming TIM's commitment to technological innovation. The city of Milan is part of TIM's national plan of FTTH technology cabling which envisages reaching over 3.5 million homes by 2018.

The development programme for the ultrabroadband network, thanks to which fiber reaches homes and offices directly, follows the one that TIM is pursuing all over Italy and which already provides connections of up to 100 MB in 1,136 municipalities. This will make it possible to offer even higher quality in the use of HD and 4K video content and an improved browsing experience to benefit the growing number of citizens.

“TIM has decided to provide a strong acceleration to 1,000 MB, said Roberto Opilio,  Head of Technology at TIM.  "Milan and Perugia are the first cities that can test this technology and represent the start of a path of excellence that will see us as leaders throughout Italy. In particular, Milan was the first city where TIM launched the 300 MB offer and we are now proud to provide our customers with an unprecedented browsing experience." TIM's new technological primacy is the result of strong investments in ultrabroadband amounting to over 4.5 billion euros in the three-year period 2016-2018, thereby demonstrating that our commitment to create innovative infrastructure is concrete. The goal is to reach 84% of homes with fiber optics - of which 20% also in FTTH technology - and to have 98% mobile ultrabroadband coverage by the end of 2018."

With fiber it is possible to access particularly high quality video content also 4K. The high speed connection also allows the use of multimedia content at the same time on smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. Businesses can also access the world of professional solutions, using them to their full potential thanks to the fiber optic connection. The latter also enables innovative applications, such as telepresence, video surveillance, cloud computing services for businesses, as well as applications allowing local authorities to implement the smart city model, including systems for security and monitoring the territory, info-mobility and sensor networks for environmental telemonitoring.

By creating increasingly advanced ultrabroadband infrastructure, TIM has confirmed its commitment to innovating at local level and disseminating digital services, thus contributing to the sustainable growth of the local economy and to improving quality of life for citizens.

More information on the TIM Network can be found at http://telecomitalia.com/rete.

Milan, 25 May 2016


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