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TIM, a new trademark for the company that will lead the country’s digital future

The new symbol of the company renews its identity and confirms TIM’s leading position in the telecommunications sector in this digital age, was today presented in Rome
Tim Berners-Lee, Fabio Fazio and Pif, are featured in testimonials that are part of the institutional advertising campaign for the launch of the new logo
The TIM Towers restructuring project, which in Rome will host the company’s central offices, was also presented

01/13/2016 - 01:30 PM

Today’s presentation in Rome revealed the new, modern and simple TIM symbol which better expresses the values and characteristics of a company focused on the future.

“Today, we are celebrating an important step in the renewal of our corporate identity” - Telecom Italia Group’s Chief Executive Officer Marco Patuano underlined -. We have decided to merge the commercial offers of all our market segments under the name of TIM, creating a unified brand that combines the solidity and size of Telecom Italia with the innovative characteristics of TIM. A fusion that reflects a concrete phenomenon: the fixed-mobile convergence, enabled by the internet, new devices, technology and digital platforms. As from today, we will combine the best of TIM and Telecom Italia with a new logo that also marks an important change in the redefinition of our role: from pure telephone operator to an industrial and technological player able to offer innovative products and services through the development of enabling platforms: from fixed and mobile ultrabroadband networks to cloud computing through to new generation information technology”.

This significant transformation of the TIM identity goes hand in hand with an institutional campaign involving testimonial advertisements starring three influential spokesmen: Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, Fabio Fazio and Pierfrancesco Diliberto, stage name Pif. Through their viewpoints, the advertisements will highlight the opportunities granted by the new connected world, thanks to the innovation offered by TIM.

The company’s new central offices, which are an integral part of the brand evolution project, will be located in Rome thanks to the recovery of the Towers built in the EUR district during the 1950s by architect Cesare Ligini.

It is an important project designed to recover the building complex and restore to the capital an essential part of its history and urban fabric, whose architecture will, for the restoration period, become the unprecedented support for an artistic installation conceived by Matteo Cibic, by Caroline Corbetta.

The TIM headquarters, designed by the architecture firm UNO-A which was awarded the tender offer made to Italian architects under 40 years old, will adopt the most advanced principles of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. It will be one of the most cutting-edge building complexes in architectonic and bioclimatic terms in Italy, developed according to the latest smart technology solutions to guarantee organisational flexibility and quality of the workplace.

The new brand will unify the TIM Group with its 30 million mobile lines and 12 million fixed network connections in Italy and its 72.6 million customers in Brazil. TIM plays a key role in Italy’s economic development, with a 10 billion euros investment plan for the three years 2015-2017, - 5 billion euros of which are exclusively dedicated to innovative digital fixed and mobile technologies and the development of cloud infrastructures and data centres. Thanks to its investment and commitment to the digitalisation of Italy, TIM today covers more than 41% of the Italian population with fibre network and 87% with LTE technology. Its aim is to reach 95% of the population with LTE and 75% with fibre optics by 2017.

Rome, 13 January 2016

The new TIM logo, its history since its launch, info and images of the adv campaign, the biographies of testimonials Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Fabio Fazio, Pif and much more.

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