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TIM: The statutory auditor Paola Maiorana has resigned

09/11/2017 - 07:18 PM

TIM announces that Paola Maiorana has resigned from the office of standing auditor of the Company due to mandatory professional commitments which result in an unforeseen significantly increased workload and prevent her from continuing to dedicate adequate time and commitment to the performance of her role at TIM.  Ms Maiorana does not hold any TIM shares.

Pursuant to the law and Bylaws, she will be replaced by Gabriella Chersicla, auditor and chartered accountant in Milan, alternate auditor taken from the same slate from which Ms Maiorana was nominated in view of the shareholders' meeting of 20 May 2015.

The curriculum vitae of Ms Chersicla, who does not hold any TIM shares and will remain in office until the next shareholders' meeting, can be viewed on www.telecomitalia.com.

TIM thanks Paola Maiorana for her qualified professional contribution.


Milan, 11 September 2017


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