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TIM: request to supplement the agenda for the shareholders’ meeting

03/15/2018 - 11:25 AM

TIM announces that it received from shareholders Elliott International LP, Elliott Associates LP and The Liverpool Limited Partnership a request to supplement the agenda of the Meeting of the Ordinary Shareholders, called for 24 April next.

The addition of the following items was requested:


  • to revoke six Directors: Arnaud Roy de Puyfontaine, Hervé Philippe, Frédéric Crépin, Giuseppe Recchi, Félicité Herzog and Anna Jones
  • to appoint six Directors: Fulvio Conti, Massimo Ferrari, Paola Giannotti De Ponti, Luigi Gubitosi, Dante Roscini and Rocco Sabelli, to replace those revoked as per the previous item in the agenda.


A meeting of the Board of Directors of TIM will be called over the next few days to take the resolutions in its responsibility.

Rome, 15 March 2018


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