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TIM: Elliott lnternational LP, Elliott Associates LP e The Liverpool Limited Partership have filed the slate for the renewal of the Board of Directors

04/10/2018 - 09:55 AM

TIM announces that, in view of the ordinary Shareholders' Meeting called for 4 May 2018 (single call), to resolve on the appointment of the Company’s Board of Directors, Elliott lnternational LP, Elliott Associates LP e The Liverpool Limited Partnership (which declared an overall total shareholding equal to 8.848% of the voting share capital and attached certifications corresponding to a stake of approximately 2.532%) filed yesterday night the following slate of candidates:


  1. Fulvio Conti                          born in Roma on 28 October 1947

  2. Alfredo Altavilla                    born in Taranto on 2 August 1963

  3. Massimo Ferrari                   born in Roma on 31 August 1961

  4. Paola Giannotti de Ponti      born in Alessandria on 13 July 1962

  5. Luigi Gubitosi                       born in Napoli on 22 May 1961

  6. Paola Bonomo                     born in Marostica (Vicenza) on 15 May 1969

  7. Maria Elena Cappello          born in Milano, on 24 July 1968

  8. Lucia Morselli                      born in Modena on 9 July 1956

  9. Dante Roscini                      born in Perugia on 8 October 1958

  10. Rocco Sabelli                      born in Agnone (Isernia) on 12 August 1954


The candidates declare they qualify as  independent.

The detailed information and documentation required by the applicable regulations (in particular: curricula vitae and candidate declarations) are going to be made available to the public at the Company offices, on the TIM website at www.telecomitalia.com/agm, as well as on the website of the storage platform at www.1info.it.

Rome, 10 April 2018


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