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TIM: BoD approves project for the voluntary separation of the fixed access network

Proposal to create a separate legal entity 100% controlled by TIM

The project represents an important evolution of TIM’s current access network separation model

The new company will be the single interface for fixed access services to all operators, including TIM

03/06/2018 - 10:52 PM

TIM’s Board of Directors today granted CEO Amos Genish the power to start the formal procedure to notify Agcom of the Company’s request for a voluntary separation of its fixed access network.

The project provides for a separate legal entity (Netco) 100% controlled by TIM, owning the access network (from the exchange up to customers’ homes) and all the infrastructure (buildings, electronic equipment and IT systems) and staffed appropriately to provide wholesale services independently.

The project represents a turning point and establishes the most advanced network separation model in Europe, by creating a “one-stop-shop” access point for regulated and unregulated wholesale services for all operators including TIM, delivering a fully neutral and equivalent model.

The Netco will have the investment capabilities to maintain the highest quality network and help Italy meet the European 2025 Digital Agenda ultrabroadband goals. The initiative will contribute significantly to further develop the digitalisation of the country, supporting the evolution of the current regulatory framework.

The creation of the Netco will leave the Group scope unchanged, and will occur in compliance with the Golden Power provisions.

Agcom will be notified of the project for the voluntary separation of the network according to the procedures and timing defined according to the Electronic Communications Code


Milan, 6 March 2018


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