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TIM: Stefano De Angelis ends his term of office as CEO of TIM Participações (TIM Brasil) in agreement with the Company, but will remain on the subsidiary’s Board of Directors

07/20/2018 - 09:16 AM

TIM informs that Stefano De Angelis, at the end of his two years assignment and in agreement with the Company, has resigned as CEO of TIM Participações.

The Board of Directors of TIM Participações, in meeting held in July 19, 2018, unanimously elected Mr. Sami Foguel as the Chief Executive Officer in substitution to Mr. Stefano De Angelis.

Stefano De Angelis will continue to serve as Board member at TIM Participacões, also in order to guarantee an effective handover of powers and support a consistent execution of the Company’s strategic goals.

TIM CEO Amos Genish said: “The Company offers its sincere thanks to Stefano De Angelis for his leadership and the highly professional contribution he has made during his time at the helm of TIM Brasil”.

Stefano De Angelis currently holds 4,760 Telecom Italia ordinary shares and 55,645 TIM Participações ordinary shares.
Sami Foguel currently doesn’t hold Telecom Italia and TIM Participações ordinary shares.


Sami Foguel, who assumes the position in July 23, 2018, is graduated in Engineering from UNICAMP and holds an MBA from the University of Michigan. His latest professional challenges were as Vice-President of Costumer Operations and Cargo Chief Officer of Azul Airlines, since 2014, and as Chief Operating Officer at TAP Air Portugal, since 2017. In addition, he also served for five years as Vice-President of Products, Segments, CRM and Customer Experience of Banco HSBC in Brazil and for more than 10 years as Associate Partner and other positions at Mckinsey & Company


Rome, 20 July 2018


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