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TIM and Samsung Electronics sign a strategic collaboration agreement for the launch of 5G in Italy

11/12/2018 - 06:30 PM

Today, in Seoul, TIM and Samsung Electronics signed a major strategic collaboration agreement for the joint launch of TIM's 5G services in Italy and Samsung's 5G handsets for TIM. The agreement was signed by the Chief Executive Officer of TIM, Amos Genish, at the bilateral meetings between the two companies currently taking place in South Korea.

The two companies intend to use every technical and commercial tool available to them to bring forward to 2019 the launch date for the Samsung 5G handsets in Italy and to jointly develop and provide 5G services.

TIM's Chief Executive Officer, Amos Genish, stated: "This agreement with Samsung puts TIM in the forefront of 5G initiatives in Europe. We have not just set out our intentions, but have defined, in detail, the operational and fundamental aspects of all the sensitive activities linked to the launch of TIM's 5G services and of Samsung's 5G handsets for TIM.  We have set ourselves a challenging timescale and will be using every tool available to us to reach our target: to launch 5G services in Italy as quickly as possible".

TIM will support Samsung in all the development phases of the product for Italy, making available to the project the ecosystem of partners in the innovation hubs, its technical know-how, with the best resources of its own research centres, and TIM's 5G test facilities.

TIM will also be promoting the partnership through a specific commitment in each phase of the commercialisation of the product: from the development of the product's features to its promotion and development through suitable targeted campaigns.

For its part, Samsung will provide all the technical support needed during the product development and certification phase and, with TIM, will develop a communication plan for the joint launch of the 5G service.

The collaboration will also include the development of specific initiatives on Internet of Things services, with particular reference to Smart Home solutions.

Seoul, 12 November 2018


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